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Fishy Feet Foot Balm

$ 12.95

We ALL know someone with stinky feet! And as retired flyfishing guides, we may or may not be offenders ourselves! This balm was created as an homage to my dearly beloved circle of flyfishing brothers and they will not be named here. We are frequently approached at farmers markets with inquiries that have something to do with kids and teenagers, and super sticky feet as well.

Rub into soles of feet and any other spots needed deep moisture. May relieve pain due to dry, cracked feet. Works well when applied after soles of feet are freshly cleaned, exfoliated and dried.  Follow with socks if possible.

~2 oz

Ingredients: chapparal leaf, plantain leaf, yarrow, calendula* and arnica* flower infused shea butter*, apricot kernel oil*, beeswax*, lanolin, vitamin e oil and essential oils of lavender, peppermint*, and tea tree*.

* organic