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Avie Pads Paw Wax

$ 8.95 $ 7.95

Healthy Skin For Your Best Friend 

Just like us, our dogs need protection from the elements. Their sensitive skin gets cracked and dry from harsh conditions, and environments play a part too — hot asphalt, icy ground, rough terrain and more. I’ve created this paw wax for your best friend’s nose and pads so they can stay happy, healthy and ready for any adventure.

• 100% organic
• Super-size lip balm tube (18g)
• Easy application for paw pads and noses
• Calms irritated skin
• Moisturizes dry pads and noses
• Soothes hot spots
• Safe to eat (just ask Avie!)

Ingredients: calendula flowers, comfrey root and leaf, chickweed, infused coconut oil, apricot kernel oil, shea butter and beeswax.

Recycle: this tube is 100% recyclable