Avie Pads Paw Wax

$ 7.95

Our pups get sore feet too! 

Just like when we get dry, cracked hands year-round in Colorado, so do our dogs! Whether it is from asphalt baking in the sun or freeze/thaw in the winter, not to mention salt or mag chloride!

This recipe

  • calms irritated skin,
  • moisturizes dry pads and noses,
  • soothes hot spots,
  • and is safe to eat, just ask Avie!
Our pups deserve some love too!

Avie Pads Paw Wax is available in a super size lip balm tube (~18g) for easy application to pads and noses.

Ingredients: calendula flowers*, comfrey root and leaf*, chickweed* infused coconut oil*, apricot kernel oil*, shea butter* and beeswax*.

* organic