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Your skin is your largest organ. It can be under appreciated in it's complexity. Many of today's skin products contain toxins so harmful to the skin it has been said that ingesting these poisons is less detrimental to your overall health.  Your skin is the gateway to your blood stream, fat tissues, or storage cells. Putting these commonly found poisons directly on the skin may alter our DNA and may cause cancer, infertility, neurotoxicity or any array of medical issues.

You can find a list of these poisons and toxins with a simple web search. A very good source is  What you put on your body is as important as what you put in your body. Given the status of our current healthcare system, now more than ever we must take ownership of our health.


We seek ingredients from trusted distributors with whom we have close, long-term relationships. This gives us the opportunity to purchase oils in larger volume to ensure we offer customers the best price possible!

Essential oils are extracted from different plants, mainly through a process called distillation during which the “essential compounds” are extracted. Essential refers to the core or beneficial properties of the plant. They have properties that antibacterial, -fungal, -microbial, -inflammatory, -septic, to name a (very) few. Most essential oils are clear, but some oils, such as patchouli, orange and lemongrass, are amber or yellow in color.

Essential oils are extracted from natural plants, roots, barks, etc. Perfume, or fragrance, oils are made using a combination of essential oils and synthetic oils (like petroluem). Essential oils can be used in aromatherapy and massage treatments or for medicinal purposes when prescribed by a Certified Aromatherapist. Meanwhile, perfume/fragrance oils are used purely for their scent. Essential oils are also a great option for individuals who are sensitive to scented body products and perfumes since they donʼt contain any chemicals.

We firmly believe in the power of essential oils however it is very important to trust your source & do your due diligence. There are precautions to consider when using essential oils, specifically what oils to use when, and how to apply them (topically or aromatically). We do not support the use of essential oils taken internally. If you feel this may be helpful to your health, please seek the guidance of a licensed clinical aromatherapist who will help you determine the right program for you.



There are currently no designated standards for grades of essential oils in the United States. Contrary to popular belief, there is no agency which provides “certification.” Some essential oil companies may use terminology like “certified pure therapeutic grade,” but itʼs purely a marketing strategy.

Our distributors GC/MS test each batch of essential oil. GC/MS tests results are difficult to comprehend unless you are a chemist however a Certificate of Analysis is created with each batch as well for the lay person. These certificates authenticate that you are receiving pure essential oil. COAs are available for the essential oils we sell upon request.


We make every attempt to purchase non-GMO, organically grown ingredients. While most plants have the natural ability to defend themselves against pests and donʼt need pesticides, this is not always the case. There is also debate as to whether or not certain ingredients can be truly organic. Take honeybees and beeswax for example, a hive may be organically cared for however there is generally no control over where the bees gather pollen from.


There are over 35 different species of Lavender, Lavandula. Lavender is found from Cape Verde and the Canary Islands, Europe across to northern and eastern Africa, the Mediterranean, southwest Asia to southeast India. Major growing regions in the US include the Olympic Peninsula of Washington and the Western Slope of Colorado.

There is a great explanation of true lavender and Lavandin at Weirs Lane Lavender & Apiary ~ Lavender v Lavandin Whats The Difference?