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I discovered the Environmental Working Group's Skin Deep cosmetics database and my life was changed. I was in my mid-30s and had lost a career job for the second time. I picked up a job at Beaver Creek that had me skiing every day. I also signed up with a well-known skin care company to make extra money. It was difficult building a customer base in our small, tourist town. I started looking into the ingredients in my makeup, skin care, and household products, looking back, I ought to have done that before signing up to sling lip gloss! Luckily, my soon to be, albeit common law, husband was on the same page and we learned from friends and family about their allergies to these same products. As we began to make our own products, our desire to eliminate unnecessary chemicals from sunscreens, insect repellents and chapsticks grew.


What started as creating a clean lifestyle for ourselves quickly turned into helping friends and family, and grew into Halfpint Naturals. Our small business adventure began in November 2013. I quit the man to devote myself 100% the next summer. Alex was downsized in 2015 and joined me full time on the farmers market circuit. We traveled to 4-5 markets a week and were BLESSED with the opportunity of a lifetime when we met with Carl's Pharmacy in Aspen. Our lives would never be the same!
Alexander Dean Parsons December 1st, 1968 - January 24th, 2016 my rock, my rapid, my riffle, my eddy, my HEART
Alexander Dean Parsons
December 1st, 1968 - January 24th, 2016
my rock, my rapid, my riffle, my eddy, my HEART
I make all our products from scratch, using organic, wild harvested, or sustainably grown herbs and essential oils. My base oils, butters, and waxes are the same when I can source them reasonably. Absolutely zero pre-made bases! I do not use any chemicals or preservatives, excluding the chemical constituents of the essential oils. This means my products are NATURAL. I consider my products as food, they do not have an infinite shelf life, however appropriately cared for they will last a reasonable amount of time.

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