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Face Oil Moisturizer Blends

$ 21.95

After applying Forever Young Anti-Aging Serum, lightly & sparingly, apply a few drops, to your face and neck. Start with less and allow time to absorb before using more! Gently pat into your skin. As with any change in skin care regime, give your self 1-2 weeks to become accustomed to using oils on your face. Using oils is a perfect balance to the natural oils our skin produces.

~15ml pump top bottle


Normal: rose hip oil*, macademia nut oil*, walnut oil* and essential oils of geranium*, lavender, bisabolol, tanacetum & sandalwood.

Damaged/Mature: rosehip oil*, avocado oil*, macademia nut oil*, and essential oils of frankincense*, rose, geranium*, bisabolol, ylang ylang and sandalwood.

Sensitive: avocado oil*, kukui oil*, rosehip oil*, and essential oils of rose, ylang ylang, lavender and spikenard.

Combination: grapeseed oil*, jojoba oil*, rosehip oil*, camelina oil* & essential oils of niaouli, palmarosa, german chamomile*, lavender, tea tree*, geranium*, cypress and combava.