My rock, my riffle, my rapid, my eddy, my heart – Halfpint Naturals
My rock, my riffle, my rapid, my eddy, my heart

My rock, my riffle, my rapid, my eddy, my heart

Alex and I were in love from the minute we met and that is no joke. I cannot pin any one thing about Alex that caught my eye, his smile, his eyes, his salt n pepper hair, they way he fumbled to put my number in his phone. I'll never forget that night.

We met the following weekend at the farmers market in Vail, the plan was to go fishing. I showed up in a tank top and fishing shorts and Alex looked as if he came from church. I felt like an idiot! We had a great time though. A couple weeks later, he took me on an overnight float on the Roaring Fork. We talked into the evening by the fire about anything and everything.
Just a few weeks later, we took a fateful trip down the Colorado. Poor packing on the boat and a strong head wind lead to a dip in Rodeo rapid. I had never been flipped out of a boat but it was bound to happen. After I swam the rapid and found Alex, I nearly drowned him! I was scared. He calmed me a bit and pushed me toward the bank while he grabbed up a couple floaters. We were worried to see the boat hung up on a rock. As I sat shaking on the bank, Alex went up stream to rescue the boat. It eventually came free and we realized we didn't lose anything, except maybe some pride. Alex gave me a hug and told me he was falling in love with me. I was caught off guard. A couple days later he asked me to move in.

It wasn't all roses and fairy tales, but it was something so special. Alex was my rock. My best friend. The love I never knew was possible. We learned so much from each other. We spent everyday together this past year and were just laughing about it. Who really wants to spend that much time together? Alex and I did, we loved (almost) every minute of it. We couldn't imagine anything different. 

Alex & I had plans for our life together, with our family, Avie, Griz & Sweet Pea, and for Halfpint Naturals. I am so fortunate to have had the time with him. He was the love of my life. I know he will continue to be by my side every minute of of every day. We have appreciated, and I will continue too, your support. Without all of you we would not have made it this far.  
With Love, Lisa



February 28, 2016 by Lisa Kraft