Mile 0 - This is for Alex

My husband, Alex, and I grew up 1700 miles and seven years apart. However, we both grew up with family that gave us an appreciation for the environment around us. I was raised in Southern Wisconsin where my family and I spent many summers camping and fishing. In fact, I remember fishing with my Dad when I was only three years old. Since then, I’ve absolutely loved fishing.

 Alex was raised in Colorado on the Roaring Fork River. As a young adult and father, he became a flyfishing guide in the Vail Valley. When Alex and I met in 2010, we immediately, and I mean immediately, fell in love. Together, we made a living working outside and we played outside every chance we got. We were fishing a couple nights a week and every weekend. We had our OTC sunscreen and repellents but we didn’t like the residual feeling on our hands and wondered how it affected our fly line! And that got us thinking, what’s in this stuff? I started reading ingredient labels on my makeup, skin care, and household products. We were horrified by the chemicals and toxins we were putting on our skin—the largest organ in our body.

Alex at Carl's Pharmacy with their first orderWhat started as creating a clean lifestyle for ourselves quickly turned into helping friends and family, and evolved into Halfpint Naturals in November 2013. In 2015, Alex and I were full time on the farmer’s market circuit. We traveled to 4-5 markets a week and were BLESSED with the opportunity of a lifetime when we met with Carl's Pharmacy in Aspen. Our lives would never be the same after landing our first wholesale account. I’m proud to say that Halfpint Naturals is now available in two countries and five states!

Unfortunately, we lost Alex on January 24th, 2016. We just had a major snowstorm and he took advantage of a beautiful, crisp, sunny afternoon to remove snow from our roof. He slipped on a ladder and the result was a traumatic brain injury. He was flown to Denver Health and immediately went into surgery. There was nothing that could be done. His family and I made the difficult decision to take him off life support and donate his organs. His heart was so strong and beat for what felt like forever. His tissues and kidneys went to those in need.

He was an amazing man, husband, and son. Not a day goes by where we aren’t thankful for the time we had with him. I continue on with our business today and I know I have his complete blessing. Every time I make a product it is an opportunity for me to commune with him. Every time I make a sale it is an opportunity to celebrate him. I know that he is immensely proud of this company and I thank you for helping me honor his legacy.

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