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Mile 3 - Certified Traditional Herbalist

Over the last three years I have been studying traditional herbalism with Rosemary Gladstar and Sage Mountain Herbal Center.

When Alex & I first got started it was fun to read a little here and there, dabble with the calendula we grew and arnica wild harvested for us. As we started the business, Alex thought it would be imperative to do a serious study. I really did not think twice when I found Rosemary Gladstar's program. She is one of the most respected herbalists in the field. He would have loved the course of study. I know he is giving me a high five for accomplishing the program and earning the Traditional Herbalist Certification!

What I have learned

  • I will always be learning more.
  • Herbs are as individual as you and I are.
  • Western Medicine and Herbalism compliment each other.
  • and maybe I ought to start a second blog focusing on individual herbs to share what I learned and commit more to memory myself!

During this time, I began an Aromatherapy Certification with Andrea Butje at Aromahead. It is a nationally recognized program requiring an anatomy & physiology course in addition to the aromatherapy studies. I think this makes it the 4th time I have taken a college level A/P course! I love it thou.

This study got down to the nuts and bolts of EOs! I could easily bore you to tears with the chemistry behind the oils. While herbs can be misunderstood and incorrectly used, essential oils are constantly. There is an abundance of flat out false information surrounding this topic. We can discuss this (can of worms) another time.

If you are looking to address a specific issue with essential oils, feel free to contact me. My certification requires case studies. I am in need of three more people to work with. The process includes an interview and 4 essential oil blends for one or up to four issues.

As always, be well!




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