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Mile 2.0 - HPN v3.0!

Halfpint Naturals


💣💥🎊🎉What do you think of our new logo?🎉🎊💥💣

What do you feel when you see it? I see a river, a ski slope, a road to who knows where! It's all up to you! Take Halfpint Naturals with with you.

How did we get here? It's been about a year. Life had been a roller coaster since January 2016. I went thru a dark couple of years. Late 2017 I came out of the darkness with renewed passion for HPN. I knew I could not go forward without reflection and change. I didn't feel the old HPN stood for why Alex and I started this adventure. This logo says it all about where we are headed and how we want you to come along on the next adventure. 

I could not have gotten to today without the love and support of our families and so many new and old friends. 💘💘💘💘💘 so much love to each and every person we have come across in this adventure so far and those we have yet to met.



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Anne Breckheimer

Anne Breckheimer said:

Great work, Lisa! Great products. I am sure Alex is proud, of all you have done.

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