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To Switch or Not to Switch aka the Dreaded Deo Detox

To Switch or Not to Switch aka the Dreaded Deo Detox

I talk to a lot of people interested in natural deodorants. The thing I hear most often is how terribly they smelled and went back to the usual antiperspirant (the usual).

You might wonder what is not to like about the usual? The ingredients of concern that come to mind are parabens, phthalates, triclosan, propylene glycol, and aluminum. These toxins have been extensively researched. There is evidence to tie these toxins to reproductive development issues and certain types of cancer. However, these ingredients in deodorant have not been proven harmful.


Now we know why you may want to switch. So what can you expect? It can take around 30 days to detox from the usual deodorant and antiperspirant, I thought it was just two weeks! It is rather unbelievable until you hear about the detoxification process. In the first week, there is no real change. This is because the usual has constricted and clogged the pores in your armpits in order to prevent sweating. Our skin eventually, week 2, goes into overdrive. We sweat excessively, ie. stink more, as our lymph nodes are working overtime to push the toxins out. Typically in week 3, the bacteria and moisture return to balance. By week 4 we generally reach a full reset.

During this month, you can expect to sweat more, be stinkier, have tender armpits, all due to the lymph nodes resetting. Some ways to get through the month?
  • Drink more water to help flush things out,
  • Watch your diet (don’t we all love that one),
  • Exercise,
  • Dry Brush,
  • Use Apple Cider Vinegar on cotton wash clothes to swipe your pits,
  • Antibacterial soap to wash,
  • Hot baths to promote sweating,
  • Drink more water,
  • Use a natural starch to blot out excess moisture during the day
Aroma Armor is a great alternative to the usual. I tried a couple of solid blends with coconut oil and baking soda. Product testers reported that coconut oil stained their shirts. In my high opinion, coconut oil is not the solution to every woe. They also reported rashes with the baking soda, some itchy as well. After a year of recipe testing, I settled on the Milk of Magnesia blend (MoM). MoM leaves a silky finish and the powder absorbs moisture. I use Frankincense carterii and Lavendula Angustifolia essential oils in the sensitive blend; adding Melaleuca alternifolia essential oil to the regular strength.

Over the course of January, we will be testing “extra” strength blends to see if we can come up with something worthwhile. Also, a blend that is more unisex or manly for those stinky teenage boys.

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